Our Story

Hello! My name is Igor Webb. I am a digital marketer and the founder of this project. My job is to help get new customers from the internet.

I came to the Digital World from the world of business and therefore I know well what problems entrepreneurs face when they want to get customers from the Internet.

I transitioned from the world of business to the Digital World, which provided me with in-depth knowledge of the challenges entrepreneurs encounter when seeking to acquire customers through the internet.

For over 15 years, I have been creating and promoting websites for small businesses in the US and post-USSR countries. During this time, I observed that many of my clients faced a recurring issue: the high cost of achieving a top placement on major search engines.
Today’s Realities On Promoting The Website Of A Small Company.

Unfortunately, in today’s market, the success or failure of a product or service is often determined by marketing efforts rather than its quality. As a result, I decided to create a new search platform that could assist entrepreneurs in connecting with potential clients. Unlike other search engines, we don’t prioritize businesses based on their advertising budget. Instead, we provide a platform for companies to compete through Unique Selling Points and quality.

We recently launched our platform and are open to discussions and collaborations with others.