Promoting small company

Today’s Realities On Promoting The Website Of A Small Company.

Promouting Small Company

Today, Google (America, Europe) and Yandex (Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, etc.)  dominate among the search engines. I am only mentioning these countries as I have worked in them.
Both these giants declare that their website ranking algorithms are based on three components:


How interesting the content of the website is for its users. Usability, design, mobile phone interfaces.

Technical condition

Technical condition of the website and the server.


Links from other sources (social networks, sites, blogs, forums, directories, etc.) to a web site

For those who deal with the promotion of their business websites are faced with the fact that if the site does not take 1st-5th positions on the first page of search results, that site is not seen and, accordingly, there won’t be any customers or sales coming from it.  Usually, these 3-4 places are occupied by advertisements – Google ADS and Yandex Direct.

Research showing average clickthrough rates by position in the SERPs (Google’s search results pages). CTR – Click-through rate measures the number of people who click a link against the total number of people who had the opportunity to do so.

In essence, it turns out the creation of a site is a drop in the ocean compared to what you have to pay for the  appearance of your site in the TOP5 main search engines. And the more competitive the topic, the higher the prices. Advertising on Google ADS and Yandex Direct is not cheap either, there is even a price list missing, everything is determined every minute by auction.

Marketing vs Quality

Consider an example: 
Let’s say someone opened a burger restaurant and makes excellent burgers from real meat. In order for their site to become noticeable in the main search engines (which will increase the number of customers), they will have to compete for TOP5 with international network burger restaurants like MacDonalds and a dozen of similar.

And the most interesting thing here is that they will have to compete not by the quality of the product, but by the amount of money spent on advertising and SEO specialists. This is unfortunate because if a businessman intends to compete, he is forced to invest in marketing and advertising first of all and usually at the expense of quality.

Unfortunately, marketing (not quality) is the real standard by which product’s or service’s success or failure is determined.

Of course, the example is exaggerated, and it can be said that in this case, it is necessary to be oriented to wealthy clients or to create an account in social networks- in some niches – yes it works, but in most cases this example is real and a similar situation is observed in a number of businesses in both America and Europe. And the most annoying is that often the products of similar small businesses is superior to the quality of those monopolists whose sites are on the first page.

In America, Yelp is very popular among small businesses. It is believed that its SERP is based on feedback, but in fact, unfortunately, if you want to have clients from there, you also have to pay, and the prices are commensurate with Google ADS. It is also known that reviews are often bought and sold. Just Google search offers…

Is there really no other way for small businesses to have an opportunity to have clients from the Internet and to pay a reasonable amount of money which will correlate with their budget?

As an option, we launched a small business-oriented project – SEEVION. Here, a company or a person who’s a professional in their field can showcase their work and talk about their services.

We have launched it recently and are open to various discussions and collaborations.

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