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Seevion is a guide to find services & goods in your aria.


While creating and promoting websites for small businesses in the US and Russia, I continually see my clients facing one particular problem over and over, e.g. the unaffordable cost for high placement on all the major Search Engines. Today’s Realities On Promoting The Website Of A Small Company
This situation inspired me to create a new search platform for entrepreneurs and them clients, Seevion.com.

What is Seevion

It’s friendly Internet resource for both customers and companies. This Internet resource could be a friendly environment for a stress-free, smart selection of services and where owners don’t pay to be at the top place.

Here owners/professionals get affordable modern Internet tools for showcasing services/products, such as storytelling, video and photo gallery, etc.

Where owner won’t have to send a letter to the support team asking: “I pay money to be on the top of the page, why is another company on top now?” and will not receive an answer saying: “Because this company is more aggressive on our website” and pays us more than you do.

Companies are shown in random order on the page.

Feedback and comments available as well, but it not decisive. Nowadays, a bad review becomes an instrument of blackmailing. Unfortunately, owners often hear: “Reduce the price/give me a refund, otherwise I will leave a bad review.” Read more…

We have launched it recently and are open to various discussions and collaborations.

Information about a company we provide for an easy decision making:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Unique Selling Point
  • Story
  • Services
  • Awards
  • Ratings
  • Comments
  • Contacts


We provide videos showcasing goods and services by actual business owners or professionals.
These owners and pros value their reputation and strive for long-term relationships and return business vs. just selling one item and moving on.

Seevion Page

Every business is represented by:
  • A video, beautifully shot and edited, by professionals show-casing the business.
  • Unique selling points
  • Short description
  • Photo gallery
  • Contact information

Unique Selling Point

Unique Selling Point
We offer companies the ability to compete not with advertising budgets, but with unique offers for their clients. We are sure that even in this very competitive online environment, each company can provide its customers with something special that other companies don’t.