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Marika Sparrow

Marika Sparrow is a multifaceted writer with an extensive background of 8 years working in PR & digital marketing who’s capable of making both minds-grasping articles for blogs or advertising purposes and encompassing informational texts for websites.


Marika’s profound experience in PR & Content Creating trained in different fields, from home goods to luxury fashion, for such brands as Johnson & Johnson and Unilever, Coach, and Levi’s gave her a professional knowledge of businesses processes and requirements of the brand, as well as public trends, and customer’s expectations.

Her excellent research skills help her to find interesting facts and fascinating story material for crafting texts that are both informative and engaging, even though the topic seemed to be rather complicated for understanding or, let’s be honest, even utterly boring. But even the banalest idea can be enlivened.
Whatever is to be read out there, a company statement or a life-hack article about “Ten best dentist products”/ “Ways to refine your furniture” and so on… Its main aim is to ignite the reader’s INTEREST. And that is what Marika Sparrow’s writing is dedicated to.

Marika’s writing comes across as resourceful, wit, sharply actual, and very readable.

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