Videographer Andrii Aksonov

Videographer Andrii Aksonov

Andrii Aksonov

Professional videographer with more than 12 years of experience.
Andrii is owner of full service video production company – Aksonov Film


We produce concise/simple interviews, large scale commercials, and everything in between.


Real Estate
Painter Kalman Aron, Intro
Music Video

Unique Selling Point

We create exciting ideas and translate them into videos about you and your business.

A good story is a journey that brings inspiration. Read Hemingway’s story about fishing on the river – and you will want to buy a fishing pole, pick up a couple of sandwiches in your jacket pocket and go to a deaf river, catch this trout.

Look good advertising, built not just according to the laws of the genre, but with a soul – you do not buy this Rolex, but the mood of victory will remain with you for a few more hours.

Composing a story that will convey to the reader the necessary ideas and will be enthusiastically searched to the end is difficult. But it is possible.

Our Clients


(424) 333-1431

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