Benefits and Limitations | Start

You will be free from worrying about hosting and other technical problems. Your website will have responsive design and will look great on all modern devices. It will be interactive, standards-suitable and ready to be showcased on the Internet.

Plan "Start"

Design website based on template.
Up to 5 pages.
Max 100 MB.

The Type of Domain Name:
You can choose “yourname” part.

No advertisement on your website. Just your content.

Up to 12 photos / video.

You will be able to change colors, pictures, texts in the drag-and-drop editor, without any code knowledge.

Free 3 first months.
$8 / month if you pay annually.
$10 / month if you pay monthly.

Troubleproof operation of the website and timely updating.

Up to 3 tickets / month.
Unlimited resolving of technical problems.

Help us create your website!

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