Where to look for a service to solve your problems

Look for a Service

Where to look for a service and what are the criteria for choosing one?

At first glance, the answer is obvious: Internet Search Engines and Review Sites.

But there are several facts:

Search Engines

Any Search Engine has only five top places on the page that are clicked by 70% of users. Usually, these 4 – 5 places are occupied by advertisements.
For example, for the query “buy refrigerator Los Angeles” about 70% of those who entered it will click on the top 5 announcements.

clicks gets of TOP 5

Research showing average click through rates by position in the SERPs (Google’s search results pages).

CTR – Click-through rate measures the number of people who click a link against the total number of people who had the opportunity to do so.


  • This chart shows the organic click-through rates for searches coming from 2,888,131 keywords for 53,316 websites.
  • You can compare the CTR for searches coming from desktop devices (blue) versus mobile devices (red).

Open source for this data is the Advanced Web Ranking organic CTR research.

What do other fridge sellers in Los Angeles need to do then, there are probably hundreds of them? They have different prices, different USP (Unique Selling Point), quality service; and probably much better than the company placed on top.
There is an opinion that only the best sellers occupy the top positions. OK, what are the criteria for companies to get into the TOP 5 of Search Engine? Here are two main reasons:

There’s no talking about the quality of goods or service itself at all. Companies are forced to invest in marketing and advertising first of all, not into improving product quality and service.
Usually for consumers, it means a high price and cheap quality.

Quality vs Price

Review Sites

How about review sites? Is it solving our problem of choosing a good service? Yes, it’s a good idea, but:

Buying and selling online reviews is big business.

A simple Google search will give you dozens of services that can be hired to create fake reviews on any site or social network you want.

Major media resources have published articles on why you shouldn't trust such reviews.

Articles are based on real research and investigation. The main reason is human psychology.
Forbes - This Is Why You Should Not Trust Online Reviews
The New York Times - Why You Can’t Really Trust Negative Online Reviews.

If you want to be at the top of such sites, you have to pay.

There it is, we are not talking about quality again.

Customers who choose services on such resources usually don’t pay attention to the fact that in most cases they click on paid announcements. Thus, a huge number of small companies that produce good products or services and are ready to offer lower prices are left behind, they diminish without customers.

Why do I care about small and new companies, you’ll ask, this is not my problem! If you are not interested in affordable prices and quality, yes then it’s not for you.
Companies at the top have huge profits and 70% of clients in the industry, they buy months and years of places at the tops and begin to dictate prices and other rules for the industry. They become monopolists, often producing mediocre goods at inflated prices.

By which criteria would you like to choose a service?

Surely these are the following:

In other words, there is nothing to do with the criteria by which search engines and review sites choose their top clients.

What about friendly Internet resource for both customers and companies. This Internet resource could be a friendly environment for a stress-free, smart selection of services and where owners don’t pay to be at the top place. 

Where owners/professionals get affordable modern Internet tools for showcasing services/products, such as storytelling, video and photo gallery, etc.

Where owner won’t have to send a letter to the support team asking: “I pay money to be on the top of the page, why is another company on top now?” and will not receive an answer saying: “Because this company is more aggressive on our website” and pays us more than you do.

Companies are shown in random order on the page.

Of course, the possibility of feedback and comments should be available, but it should not be decisive. Nowadays, a bad review becomes an instrument of blackmailing. Unfortunately, owners often hear: “Reduce the price/give me a refund, otherwise I will leave a bad review.”

We created our startup – Seevion to solve this problem. It’s a new Internet resource where owners get a free landing page and a free professional website.

Our purpose is to allow company owners and their potential clients to find each other by using smart internet tools for showcasing to make decisions, not just money.

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Author: Igor Webb

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