Kagan Institute


Dr. Kagan Eye Doctor

Since 1996 Kagan Institute has been built on trust, experience, innovation and results.


You as a patient must put your trust into the hands of a surgeon who has your best intentions in mind. If Dr. Kagan does not think you need a procedure or that a procedure will not give you a significant improvement he will tell you. In fact, Dr. Kagan routinely turns away about 25% of patients. Dr. Kagan will always give you an honest opinion about your condition and the best options for personalized treatment.

Unique Selling Point

Dr. Kagan is committed to exceeding every patient’s expectation through state of the art technology and innovation.

Every two to three months Dr. Kagan travels nationally and internationally to professional meetings and teaches courses on refractive and aesthetic surgery to keep on the cutting edge of modern technologies so as to bring the most up to date and the most innovative procedures to all the patients.



5455 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1714, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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