Getting clients online. First Step

First Step

Representation in the WEB

In these days, hitting up the Web may be the best way to get new clients regardless of the industry you’re in.
Today more and more companies who ignore the Internet go under. This is a fact and we see tons of evidence stating that.

81% of people research a business or service online prior to making a purchase decision.

If a company doesn’t have a representation in the WEB- it doesn’t have a chance to grow and can’t compete with companies who develop business using digital marketing tools.
These tools give you the ability to show your product, describe your services and attract the traffic of potential clients. However, it is not for everyone, it’s only for owners who need to increase revenue and are open to changes.

Developing business on the Internet is not easy and expensive. Besides, it is hard work. People who already tried doing it themselves know that. Are you ready to start?

First Step

First things first, you need to create a website. It will be your office on the Internet, and only you will be in control of it. It differs from a physical office because you can’t place it on a crowded street and use a “walk-ins welcome” sign to attract people. You will need to generate traffic by using different tools, social media, networks, services, etc.

To help your business be more successful, it’s to make getting a website your top priority.
A website can just be your business card, or it can be a part of your business and earn you money- the difference between these two choices is huge.

Benefits For Entrepreneurs

For start, you can save money and get a professional website with the necessary features for free.
Then step by step upgrade your website ( online office ) until it grows up to a huge internet portal with thousands of views per day, where each viewer is your potential client. See our plans.

Getting started with us is free and easy.

You will get

Professional Website

Your website will have responsive design and will look great on all modern devices. It will be interactive, standards-suitable and ready to be showcased on the Internet.

Easy to use

Your website has an admin panel where you can edit blocks, texts, pictures, colors, and many other settings. You can change all this without knowing programming, just drag-and-drop, and copy-paste methods! Otherwise, you can use the provided design without changes.


You can choose your domain or ours. Ours will be free in the format of, where you choose the "yourname" part. If your goal is a huge portal, we advise you to purchase a separate domain name like

Own it

You are the owner of the website. You can always get the files of your site and transfer to other specialists if you did not like us.


You can always turn to our specialists for support.

If you send us photos of your business, logos, descriptions of your services and information about your company, we will adapt the site specifically for your business according to your chosen plan.

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Author: Igor Webb

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