Dr. Rajesh Khanna


Lasik Eye Surgery

Dr. Khanna specializes in iDesign Lasik Eye surgery, No cut Superlasik and ICL or Implantable collamer lens. He is considered a pioneer in reversing presbyopia. He has authored the authoritative bestseller ” The miracle of Pi in Eye”.


Dr. Khanna employs various accomodative and multifocal implantable lenses like Symfony, Tecnis, Restor and Crystalens to deliver desired lens.

Rajesh Khanna, MD is cornea trained physician. He is an expert in Keratoconus treatments including FDA approved Avedro cornea cross linking and laser assisted Intacs. He also performs DSEK, DMEK , DALK which are newer variations of Corneal Transplant.

He understands your needs and goals. He considers your age and lifestyle. Than he devises a personalized vision plan for you.

Unique Selling Point

Board certified and internationally renowned ophthalmologist Rajesh Khanna has perfected the art of LASIK eye surgery along with other forms of refractive eye surgery.
He has spent many years researching and refining his techniques in order to provide his patients with the best possible results.
When you meet and talk to Dr. Khanna your fears will melt away.Each person is special and each eye is unique.

Video Testimonial


(310) 235 3816

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