Blockchain Consultant

Anastasia Drinevskaya

Anastasia Drinevskaya

Anastasia Drinevskaya is Creative Director and CEO at Cointelegraph Communications for 3+ years already and has become a sought after consultant/speaker for all things blockchain.


She has built NFT campaigns for brands and helped grow the largest Crypto/ NFT/ Blockchain media companies in the industry.

Anastasia has extensive experience in developing startups from the creation of an idea, to growing the teams and the execution of the mission statement for the new venture.

She has a vast rolodex of contacts in the crypto/blockchain sphere, is an excellent ambassador for the industry and has executed large creative campaigns.
Being a former fashion magazine editor and advertising executive has made her skill set a perfect balance for this growing crypto/ blockchain/ metaverse/ NFT industry that has yet to reach its tipping point.

Experience in the media (10+ years) in a new alternative way that has embraced the social media culture, the crypto/ blockchain universe and has a creative spirit that is leading the way for the future of the industry.



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