Arthur Jauregui

Investor Relations Consultant & Community Affairs Executive for Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc.

We do that by creating and managing investments backed by commercial real estate in flourishing markets across California.


Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc. is a private equity investment and operating firm specializing in commercial real estate and alternative investments. We help our investors and clients develop wealth planning strategies that provide passive income, long-term growth, value appreciation, portfolio diversification or a combination of all.


Arthur Soto Jauregui takes his biggest joy from taking complex financial information and showing others how to apply it in a simple and strategic manner.
With 20 years in the insurance and mortgage industry, Arthur Jauregui has build leaders and trained many teams.


Unique Selling Point

Over the past two years, Arthur Jauregui has built a network of accredited investors who have actively placed capital in various real estate projects from Multi-Family properties to Seniors Housing Communities as partners with our group.


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221 E 12th ST. 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90015
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